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MtG artists: Igor Kieryluk

Igor Kierluk’s most memorable Magic art for me is his pieces depicting the white Phyrexians. The flesh and porcelain look was both arresting and horrifying. However this is not his … Continue reading

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The pile of shame

Here it is: Every miniatures player I know has one: models bought in the full flush of intentions. Instead they never leave the box, sometimes the plastic wrap never comes … Continue reading

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Draft of a gamer: Jeskai win-scout

Another Friday night, another draft with the good people at good games. After my first experience, I was keen to come back and improve both my drafting and my playing. … Continue reading

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Painting miniatures with Teri Litorco

YouTube painting videos are something of a mixed bag. Some are good, others… less so. Many of the good ones show techniques so advanced you realise there is a whole … Continue reading

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Modern Masters 2 announced

One last Magic: the Gathering article for this week-end. The “will they, won’t they?” questioning is over, as Modern Master 2 has been announced, for release in May 2015. There … Continue reading

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Das Fleet

I picked up Fantasy Flight’s X-Wing miniatures game at PAX 2013, but only recently did I commit to a fleet. And here it is, my Imperial force: That’s two TIE … Continue reading

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MtG artists: Martina Pilcerova

Martina Pilcerova debuted in the original Mirrodin block with this┬ástriking Cloudpost art: Since then she has gone on to illustrate almost 60 cards including other memorable land cards. Moratorium Stone … Continue reading

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