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Spaceship interior painting with Midwinter

Midwinter Minis has a new video up on a technique for painting up spaceship interior terrain. A certain company has been releasing a few terrain sets like this in recent … Continue reading

April 9, 2023 · 2 Comments

Boarding actions come to Warhammer 40,000

It has taken a long time – 35 years in fact, but finally the game of Warhammer 40,000 has taken a bit more notice of its own setting. The tabletop … Continue reading

October 9, 2022 · 2 Comments

A closer look at Space Hulk sprues

Warhammer Community have given us a closer look at the space hulk interior sprues ahead of the new Kill team release. It looks like there will be two different sprues … Continue reading

September 9, 2022 · 15 Comments

Kill Team space hulk contents

I think of the new Kill Team box as a Space Hulk one, since to me the setting is more important than the name of the game.Games Workshop have revealed … Continue reading

August 6, 2022 · 9 Comments

The pull of space hulks

Space hulks are the dungeons of Warhammer 40,000. A space hulk is a gigantic agglomeration of derelict space ships, pulled together over millennia into a distinct mass. These massive objects … Continue reading

July 16, 2022 · 9 Comments

Kill Team moves indoors

The new Kill Team expansion is going to be set in a Space Hulk. In terms of interior walls, I have long been interested in spaceship/space hulk interiors. Detailed are … Continue reading

July 12, 2022 · 6 Comments

Genestealer paint schemes

One of the reasons it took me almost 10 years to paint my box of Space Hulk miniatures was the time it took to come up with a satisfying scheme … Continue reading

July 20, 2020 · 8 Comments

Once upon a Wednesday #2: Space Hulk

One of my painting goals in 2017 was to paint 100 models. Another, nested within that, was to finish my copy of Space Hulk. I succeeded at reaching the 100 … Continue reading

March 18, 2020 · 8 Comments

Terrain update: dead marine

I painted the miniatures from Space Hulk last year, but I overlooked the dead marine. This figure is more of a terrain piece or objective marker, so I painted him … Continue reading

September 23, 2018

Space Hulk complete

I completed the final two miniatures for Space Hulk, and a couple of extra pieces from the box too: With the Patriarch and Librarian complete, the boxed game of Space … Continue reading

November 26, 2017 · 7 Comments

Space Hulk update 6

The final group of genestealers is now complete, and I’m heading into the final stages of the project. This group features models crawling around or bursting from industrial/space ship terrain … Continue reading

November 12, 2017 · 2 Comments

Space Hulk update 5

Eight more genestealers painted in this update. These were more straightforward than the previous six genestealers to paint, since there isn’t so much space marine armour included along with the … Continue reading

October 29, 2017 · 2 Comments

Space Hulk update 4

I’ve completed the first six genestealers. This was very much a learning paint job, finding out what I could actually do with these models. Long story short, I changed the … Continue reading

September 16, 2017 · 3 Comments

Space Hulk update 3

I have now completed the Blood Angels marines from the Space Hulk box, except for the Librarian. Here they are in a couple of group shots:   The amount of … Continue reading

July 9, 2017 · 2 Comments

Space Hulk update 2

I’ve completed four more of the Space Hulk terminators. Like the first four, these were filled with detail. This time I did all the blood drop gemstones in amber. I … Continue reading

April 1, 2017 · 2 Comments

Space Hulk update 1

I took me long enough – well over 6 weeks, but I have finally finished the first four Space Marines from the 2009 Space Hulk release. So much detail! The … Continue reading

March 5, 2017 · 3 Comments