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From End Times to Time of Ending

With the release of Fall of Cadia, even the most skeptical of gamer must acknowledge we are seeing a re-run of the End Times, except this time it is Warhammer … Continue reading

January 21, 2017 · 12 Comments

Smiths of Winterforge Kickstarter

Smiths of Winterforge is a fun board game that puts you at the head of a proud dwarf clan. Your task is to forge the best weapons, armour, and equipment … Continue reading

October 22, 2016

The perils of crowdfunding success

Jamey Stegmaier’s series of articles on crowdfunding and game design continue with two articles examining the process of shipping Scythe. “Shipping Scythe has been exhausting, draining, and discouraging. I could … Continue reading

August 14, 2016 · 2 Comments

The Ninth Age

It’s been over a year since Games Workshop took Warhammer out behind the chemical sheds to be shot. Reality has sunk in for most gamers. Warhammer is gone; Age of Sigmar … Continue reading

July 2, 2016

Do the Clues point to Contraptions?

Do the Clues point to Contraptions? In 2007 the card Steamflogger Boss was printed in the Future Sight set. It has remained controversial ever since. Here’s the card: And here’s … Continue reading

April 17, 2016 · 1 Comment

Create digital D&D content

The Dungeon Master’s Guild website now allows players to create and share (or sell) content for Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition. If you’re a creative types with adventures to share, … Continue reading

February 7, 2016

The secret history of Dominion

Designer Donald Vaccarino gives a detailed account of how he created the best-selling game Dominion, from playtesting through to publishing. Read it on BoardGameGeek He shares some interesting insights into … Continue reading

January 2, 2016

New gains, familiar pains: a first response to the Age of Sigmar rules

Warhammer has finally died its slow death. The game has limped on for too many unproductive anti-innovative years. It is finally gone, taken off the life support it was on … Continue reading

July 12, 2015

Dangerous Design

I started the design time series in part because I was frustrated by the lack of good, clear articles about tabletop game design. Since then I have discovered many more … Continue reading

February 1, 2015

So you want to be a tabletop game designer

This is the title of a great article you should check out if you’re interested in designing tabletop games. The article covers the basics and also gives a logical stage-by-stage … Continue reading

January 24, 2015

Army of Wild Places – an army list for Of Gods & Mortals

From deep forests to high mountains, from deep caves to lost cities, from perilous marshes to uncharted crags comes the army of Wild Places. Wherever men fear to go, they … Continue reading

November 22, 2014 · 2 Comments

Infinite Dungeon?

Those articles about procedural content in computer games allowing for effectively infinite play got me thinking in the direction of tabletop games. Because that’s the way I am. Could that … Continue reading

October 18, 2014

The life and times of a board game

Introduced this week through ICv2 comes the life and times of a board game. This is an information page for board game designers on the stages of the game going … Continue reading

October 11, 2014

Fun with as-fan

As-fan is an internal term used by Magic: the Gathering designers to talk about the likelihood of a card of group of cards appearing in a pack. Mark Rosewater’s has … Continue reading

October 11, 2014

Looking anew at dice

Dice have been around for thousands of years, yet we can still find new ways to use them in games. This article at Boing Boing caught my eye. It features … Continue reading

October 4, 2014

A game designer challenge

Are you an armchair game designer? Do you have half-finished game designs and mechanics lying around the house? There’s a challenge currently being run by Beasts of War that may … Continue reading

September 28, 2014

Dungeon Saga: crowdfunding and conversation

Dungeon Saga is a project on Kickstarter right now, creating a new dungoneering board game. A group of heroes enter the dungeon to battle against the evil hordes of whatever is … Continue reading

August 23, 2014

Design Time: don’t give up

Boing Boing posted a great article on why you shouldn’t give up during the game design process. Basically a couple of people came up with a game idea, and everyone … Continue reading

July 5, 2014


Wizards of the Coast have done a great job over the past few years of releasing a new multiplayer game variant. We have had Planechase, that allows players to give … Continue reading

February 15, 2014

Game Design at PAX AUS

At PAX Aus I was able to attend the seminar of games design, and I was glad I did. At the time, I had to concede the finals of a … Continue reading

December 14, 2013 · 4 Comments