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The Old World: Core factions revealed

A new update at Warhammer Community has revealed the ‘core factions’ for the forthcoming Old World game. What are the nine core factions of the new Warhammer?

From the article, being a core faction means the setting and storyline touch on this faction specifically. A few non-core factions were listed too. These will receive army lists, but as PDF downloads only rather than full faction books. To be honest I don’t mind this, if only because PDF downloads are considerably cheaper.

The likes of Dark Elves, Skaven, and Vampire Counts will still be there, just in a muted form. Chaos Dwarfs are also on the list, but whether their PDF will be closer to the classic Warhammer army, or their Forgeworld re-imagining remains to be seen. My guess is it will be the latter.

Curiously, there was also no mention of Kislev or Cathay. Both factions have been revealed as forthcoming, with only concept art shown so far. Both factions are playable in the latest Warhammer: Total War game.

I except we’ll see full faction books for Cathay and Kislev, but later on.

Warhammer Community has the full article, including the complete list of PDF armies to come.


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