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Golden Demon 2023

It was easy to miss the Golden Demon winners, lost as there were among all the recent previews from Warhammer Fest. However 2023 was another good year for painted miniatures. The overall Slayer Sword winner was this elf from Alberto Moreto Font:

That was the overall winner, but my personal favourite was this piece from Matteo Gallo:

Clearly inspired by the medieval painting of Saint George slaying the dragon, and its many similar depictions:

I am always a sukcer for a flaming sword, and so I enjoyed this piece from Arnau Lazaro showing Commander Dante and some Tzeentch daemons:

You can see these and the other Golden Demon winners at Warhammer Community.


2 comments on “Golden Demon 2023

  1. Faust
    May 8, 2023

    While the first one is brilliantly painted, I have to agree with you on the second one. Those scales on the dragon are magnificent! And next time I have to paint fire, I’m going to reference that last pic! 😃

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