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Book review: The Crimson King (Horus Heresy XLIV)

Magnus the Red is lost and alone. His legion is no better off. After the Burning of Prospero, the survivors of the legion are in the Eye of Terror, specifically on the Planet of the Sorcerers. They were brought here by a gravely wounded Magnus the Red, who promptly disappeared.

Exposed to the powers of the warp, the ‘flesh change’ that has dogged the legion is becoming more and more pronounced.

Ahriman of the Thousand Sons believes he has the answer. Their Primarch’s essence has been shattered during the attack of Leman Russ, and only by gathering and reuniting these shards can their Primarch be fully healed.

The legion is sceptical, but Ahriman is able to gather a small group around him and go in search of these shards. Loyalist forces are less sceptical and Malcador the Sigillite has already assembled a force specifically to stop Ahriman from succeeding.

Both sides quickly come to focus on a group of human survivors of Prospero, who have since spent their time in an imperial prison. After a flawed jailbreak and a gunfight, the refugees are split between both sides.

The Thousand Sons are a broken force with a broken Primarch, but they can still choose to take a side in the war. As things stand the loyalist side doesn’t want them, and they aren’t exactly keen on Horus, the architect of their betrayal and near-destruction.

The forces of chaos are only getting started with the Thousand Sons, who must face their own trials and temptations as they attempt to restore their Primarch and their sense of purpose.

Ultimately it is the quest for his fractured essence that will lead Magnus to choose a side in the war, entering the field for his own purposes. His legion will follow him whatever he chooses.

rating: 3.5 golden thrones


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