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Chaos Dwarfs come to Warhammer: Total War

The announcement video is up and you can pre-order the DLC – Chaos Dwarfs are finally coming to Warhammer: Total War.

The Chaos Dwarfs utilise orcs, goblins, and hobgoblins in their armies, along with bull centaurs and an array of war machines. The Chaos Dwarf army disappeared from the Warhammer wargame for a couple of editions, before briefly re-emerging as a Forgeworld exclusive army.

From the video above, the new army looks like a mix between the classic Warhammer army and the Forgeworld variant. Which is fine with me,

The release of the Chaos Dwarfs will complete the roster of armies from Warhammer 5th edition forward being available in the Total War game – with one exception.

The Dogs of War army – a mix of mercenary units – is not available as a stand alone force, with its unique pikemen missing from the game. There seems to be a larger team working on maintaining the Immortal Empires map and campaign – which is essentially what the Total War game is now. Time will tell if this team is willing and able to bring the Dogs of War army from the tabletop to the computer screen.

6 comments on “Chaos Dwarfs come to Warhammer: Total War

  1. Tavendale
    March 17, 2023

    Fantastic! I just got given an old Taurus, actually. I might see if I can find some good STLs…

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    • davekay
      March 17, 2023

      I would like to see a new GW range (and a new Blood Bowl team!) but stl files certainly fill the gap


      • Tavendale
        March 17, 2023

        I’d jump on a Blood Bowl team

        Liked by 1 person

      • davekay
        March 17, 2023

        Yes, I’ve been looking forward to them ever since the new Blood Bowl teams started to appear. They one of the few teams left to go!


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  3. Wudugast
    March 19, 2023

    Thrilled to see the Chaos Dwarves in the game at last! Of course finding time to play them might be tricky but I was really hooked on Total Warhammer for a while, I’ll have to see if I can sneak some in. Next we need to see them back as miniatures (and as you so rightly say above a Blood Bowl team is a must!).

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