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A second helping of Two Thin Coats

The Two Thin Coats range is expanding, with a new range of paints now available on Kickstarter. As with the first release, this one is focused around their painting triads.

The paints plug a few of the more obvious gaps from the initial range of 60 paints. In addition there are new metallics, washes, and ‘bright’ paint for hobbyists to explore.

As a backer of the first project, I will not be joining in this one. This isn’t because I’m not happy with the paints – they are fine (check out my review if you missed it). I don’t have a need for these paints in my collection is the single and only reason. Once they hit retail I may pick up some individual paints, especially some of the bright paints pictured above.

The original range is also being made available through this expansion project. If this interests you, check out the project page now.

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