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Turnip 28 Kickstarter

My involvement with Turnip 28 so far has been to enjoy the images of people posting thier work. The project has now made its way to Kickstarter.

You can back either the .stl files to turn out on your 3D printer, or else back some physical models which will be 3D printed and then sent to you. It’s nice to see a project take this hybrid route, allowing backers both with and without 3D printers to join in. Maybe this will become a new standard?

Check out the Turnip 28 project page for more.


5 comments on “Turnip 28 Kickstarter

  1. Guru PIG
    December 3, 2022

    You evil, evil person. Sadly another kickstarter I have now backed!

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  2. templeofthutmos
    December 3, 2022

    I’ve had the same remote appreciation of the hobby as you up until this point. May have to jump on board the kickstarter though…

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