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Video reviews of Two Thin Coats paints

My test of the Two Thin Coats range is going slowly, mainly through being distracted by other things. I found two recent video reviews on YouTube which do a good job.

Broadly speaking the findings are the same as my initial impressions and first painting experience – the metallics in particular a great, the colours are good but the small range means there are significant gaps.

Here is a video from Ninjon:

Ninjon notes that many of the colours map directly to colours in the current citadel range and are clearly intended as an easy replacement.

Stahly notes that price-wise this is not a range from the bargain conscious, but that the paints have properties that can make them attractive.

I will chime in with my own thoughts once I have finished testing them out – turns out paining all your miniatures makes reviews like this more tricky!


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