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Dwarf Fortress release date and play video

Dwarf Fortress has a release date – and that date is 7 December this year. It’s a complex game, that tells a grant saga from the world generated around you, and your own actions within that world.

There was a play video of almost two hours’ duration uploaded to YouTube recently, which takes a close look at the game to date, with a first-time player having a go at the game while the developers watch and comment, pointing out everything from amusing traits to unexpected bugs.

I am leaning towards trying this game out the week it releases, and if that happens I will be sure to let everyone know if I survive my first winter!


4 comments on “Dwarf Fortress release date and play video

  1. Faust
    November 15, 2022

    Nice, if I can get the time I will check out the video. I’m interested in the game, but sadly finding the free time for video games is always challenging.

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    • davekay
      November 15, 2022

      Finally painting all my miniatures left me more time to play video games for sure!

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      • Faust
        November 16, 2022

        Haha! Yea, that’s the trade off often. I do like to relax on occasion with a video game, but mostly that’s Minecraft with my daughter nowadays. My own hobby time ends up being painting minis.

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      • davekay
        November 16, 2022

        I still find painting relaxing, but video games have a much shorter set up time!

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