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Book review: Mark of Calth (Horus Heresy XXV)

The battle at Calth marked the entry of the Ultramarines into he heresy, but it also marked the start of a bitter, drawn out war on the planet itself. Scarred by radiation, the surviving Astartes retreat underground to continue their war. This volume collect eight stories in this field of battle.

The Shards of Erebus by Guy Haley is set on the eve of battle, with Erebus gifting powerful chaos blades to a chosen few of the legion, blades that will help them escape if things turn sour. Erebus is starting to suspect the attack on Calth is intended as a suicide mission for those who participate.

Calth that Was by Graham McNeill follows Remus Ventanus as the war on Calth continues after the events of Know No Fear.

Dark Heart by Anthony Reynolds follows a Word Bearer with surprising powers of sorcery during the orbital battle over Calth.

The Traveller by David Annandale shows us the daily horrors among the population forced underground with little planning.

A Deeper Darkness by Rob Sanders features a group of Ultramarines fighting off a warp creature summoned by the Word Bearers.

The Underworld War by Aaron Dembski-Bowden is set before the battle of Calth, but also after, as a Word Bearer is granted visions of a potential future by a daemon within.

Athame by John French is an entertaining story about one of the ritual daggers used at Calth and how it came to be there.

Unmarked by Dan Abnett continues the story of Oll Persson, refugee of Calth, armed with the athame form the previous story, wandering the world with his group of fellow travellers. Oll has a destination, and a destiny.

Overall a solid collection that deepens the story around a specific event rather than advancing the story as a whole.

rating: 3.5 golden thrones

2 comments on “Book review: Mark of Calth (Horus Heresy XXV)

  1. templeofthutmos
    September 29, 2022

    This book is literally sitting on my coffee table, top of my “to read” pile. I somehow missed it in my Heresy readings. Thanks for keeping these up, Dave. Hope I’m not being a pain commenting on so many of these!

    Liked by 1 person

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