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Book review: The Primarchs (Horus Heresy XX)

This book has four short stories, and I prefer fewer, longer short stories, since I feel this gives authors a chance to develop characters and story arcs rather than just provides glimpses or scenarios of action.

The stories at least relate to the title this time, with the stories following or being centred around four of the Primarchs at various stages of the Heresy.

The Reflection Crack’d picks up from the end of Fulgrim and shows us what is happening to his legion as the Heresy progresses and their slide into chaos increases at the cost of their cohesion as a fighting force. This story also links nicely to the future book Angel Extermimatus.

Feat of Iron is an unfortunate cul-de-sac of a story, set before the Heresy, in which an eldar farseer clumsily tries to warn Ferrus Manus that he is in danger from… something. It does not go well, but then we already knew that.

The Lion picks up the story of the Dark Angels and their incessant struggle against the Night Lords. When the Lion hears about movements of two legion forces to a minor world of the Mechanicum he moves swiftly to secure the secret, xenos technology for himself. The Lion also hears that Gulliman is calling all loyalists to him in the wake of the attack on Calth but finds himself equally suspicious of that motive too.

The Serpent Beneath brings us into the secretive world of the Alpha Legion once more as one of their Primarchs moves against loyalist forces within his own legion. Or does he? Or are they? Yes, they are. Maybe.

Overall The Primarchs presents us with two useful stories that advance the narratives, and two other stories which are good if you like that sort of thing. I’ll take it.

rating: 2.5 golden thrones

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