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It begins

It was going to happen soon, so why not now? An AI-generated artwork has just won a prize.

This is Theatre Opera Spatial, generated by the Midjourney AI and then scaled up using Gigapixel, printed onto canvas, and entered into the contest.

It won.

There has been an outbreak of panic and doom-mongering form the usual quarters. Similar to the outcry centuries ago when artists started using oil-based paints. Or 150 or so years ago when photography appeared and wasn’t considered art, since a machine was doing the work. Illustration would soon be obsolete, the nuff-nuffs warned.

The dull-witted people may change, but their arguments don’t. New thing=bad. Thing as it existed when I was a child=good and the ‘proper’ version of that thing.

All I can see is that people have a new tool to use when creating art. Sounds good to me.


3 comments on “It begins

  1. Faust
    September 4, 2022

    I’ve been pretty much in the dark about these tools and really need to read some more about them. I understand the fears and concerns for some digital artists. I’m guessing that shouldn’t be as much of a concern for artists who use physical materials, unless we get to a point where machines start painting canvases. Still seems like there should be some compensation for the artists if the AI is using their artwork as a reference, but from what over read that is not the case. Either way, the cats been out of the bag for awhile and we have to see where that’s going to take us.

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    • davekay
      September 4, 2022

      I have played a little with Midjourney but haven’t come to grips with it yet.

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