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Book review: Age of Darkness (Horus Heresy XVI)

Another selection of short stories from a variety of authors.

In Rules of Engagement, Ultramarines overcome a number of traitor force sin simulations, but fail when confronted by an enemy Primarch. Their own Primarch faces a decision.

Liar’s Due sees an Alpha Legion agent sow discord in distant worlds of the Imperium, which are too insignificant to deploy forces to fight over.

In Forgotten Sons a Salamander and an Ultramarine continue their mission even through the galaxy, and their foes, has changed around them.

The Last Remembrancer sees Rogal Dorn and Iacton Cruze interview a remembrancer who has spent too much time in the presence of Horus.

Rebirth sees the World Easters arrive on the ruins of Propsero in search of artifacts that may have survived the Space Wolves’ wrath.

The Face of Treachery sees a World Eaters’ attempt to utterly destroy the last of the Raven Guard along with their Primarch foiled by the Alpha Legion, who clearly have schemes within schemes.

Little Horus sees Horus Axmiand and Abaddon debate on who to bring in to replace their two missing Mournival brothers.

The Iron Within shows us that the Iron Warriors did not all side with Horus; some remained loyal.

Savage Weapons is set a couple of years into the Heresy, as the Dark Angels and Night Lords legions continue to batter one another with neither legion able to gain an edge. Lion El’Jonson then receives an unexpected message from a loyal brother.

Overall these stories are an awkward inclusion here as some follow stories from several books ago, others are set after books we won’t be reading for a while. It’s unavoidable given the way the series is published, with short stories gathered into collections, rather than featuring next to the novels they would logically precede or follow.

rating: two and half golden thrones


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