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Book review: Tales of Heresy (Horus Heresy X)

This first book of short stories is not the last we’ll see in this series. In defiance of its name, this collection offers mostly stories which take place before the Heresy. None of the stories offer any insight into why certain legions stayed loyal and others turned traitor.

In Blood Games, a member of the Custodes returns from an infiltration mission to discover that Astartes legions have turned traitor and the time for ‘games’ is over. On a later mission the Custodes learn they need to cooperate with Dorn and his Imperial Fists in the defence of Earth.

Wolf at the Door sees a group of Space Wolves delay their trip to Prospero to save a newly discovered human world from the Dark Eldar. When the saved people reject the Imperium, the Space Wolves attach them too.

Scions of the Storm is a look at the already turned Word Bearers as one of their captains is brought up to speed with the legion changing the object of its worship from the Emperor to more worthy entities.

The Voice continues the story of a Silent Sister we last met in Flight of the Eisenstein, with plenty of twists and turns.

Call of the Lion offers a better glimpse into the Dark Angels legion than Descent of Angels ever did.

In The Last Church, the Emperor talks with the keeper of the last place of worship on Earth before its destruction.

After Desh’ea is set in pre-Heresy times and provides insights into the Warhounds legion after they discover their Primarch. After seeing their fellow Iron Warriors be transformed by the discovery of Pertuarbo, they are unsure how to approach their own broken, weeping Primarch.

Some good stories here but overall a disappointing collection that barely meshes with the rest of the series.

Rating: 2 golden thrones

6 comments on “Book review: Tales of Heresy (Horus Heresy X)

  1. templeofthutmos
    August 8, 2022

    Kharne’s portrayal in After Desh’ea was a highlight for me, but otherwise I’d forgotten most of the other stories until I read your summary. Definitely found it a bit of a disappointment and disconnected from the rest of the series.

    The first wave of Heresy books really were a mixed bag, weren’t they? Glad the team powered though it. I appreciate you doing these summaries/reviews. It’s encouraged me – I owe several of the books a re-read, and I need to catch up on the final third or so of the series.

    Liked by 2 people

    • davekay
      August 8, 2022

      Yes there was great variance between what I think of as the ‘mid section’ with some great books and some ‘why did they bother?’ entries

      Liked by 2 people

  2. backtothehammer
    August 15, 2022

    I think your review sums up every single one of these short story collections throughout the series. When I sort through the series to ditch the rubbish, they’ll probably be the first to go (together with Nemesis – I really disliked that book too)

    Liked by 1 person

    • davekay
      August 15, 2022

      Nemesis grew on me with the second reading, so you probably won’t agree with the review when it goes up later this week!

      Liked by 1 person

      • backtothehammer
        August 15, 2022

        😁 I may have been jaded by it being a side story (though In fairness I read it pretty much on release so my memory of the story is quite hazy!)

        Liked by 1 person

      • davekay
        August 17, 2022

        I liked it more the second time around as aside from the main story, the book at least shines a light on how the Heresy was affecting various planets, and I enjoyed the insights provided.

        Liked by 1 person

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