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The return of random space marines

Games Workshop have announced the return of the ‘Space Marine Heroes’ series, starting with a group of 6 Blood Angels marines.

For those unfamilair with these sets, each series consists of a number of difference space marine models, but when you buy an individual pack, you have no way of knowing which individual figure will be inside. Buy a box, and you will get all six, plus a couple of duplicates.

A couple of years ago I bought and painted the Death Guard series, which was the third of the original ‘heroes’ series:

To get all six I had to buy a box, which consisted of one of each. The new set also has six different miniatures, but a box is now eight packs:

This is sure to evoke feelings among hobbyists used to knowing what they are getting in a box of models. I don’t mind this method, since it is just a different set of models, not a set of models you specifically need in order to play. If someone doesn’t care for this, they can simply buy a squad of marines sitting on the next shelf.

Also the previous series released first in Japan and then later, if at all, elsewhere in the world. The new series will release globally wherever GW currently sells its product.

The plastic is red and the examples are Blood Angels, but I didn’t see any specific chapter markings on the models themselves, so they can be painted up as any chapter you like.

I see this as more of a painter/hobbyist release than a gamer release, which may explain why I am so sanguine about the unknown nature of the packs. If you want all six, buy the box. From memory the box of six plague marines I purchased cost about 15% more than the squad of 7 already on the shelf for the army.

This isn’t a set for someone wanting to build an army, but if you’re looking to paint a single space marine, and don’t really care which one, this is fine.


4 comments on “The return of random space marines

  1. Peter Holland
    July 30, 2022

    I’d be more into this if they were in a larger scale. Say 54mm like the old inquisitor game for example. Then I’d spend my money on them

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    • davekay
      July 30, 2022

      I think 54mm would fit right in to the painter market, so that sounds like a great idea!


  2. Azazel
    July 31, 2022

    These models get recycled into the Barnes & Noble board games, etc and in addition can be sold to the small percentage of Space Marine players out there, so it makes sense…

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