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Leviathans lumber into view

The Contemptor dreadnaught comes in the Age of Darkness box set, and it towers over the average MkVI marine. But there are larger dreadnaught models in the 30k universe. Warhammer Community recently previewed the Leviathan, equipped for close combat.

This is the latest model to see plastic that was formerly a Forgeworld exclusive. There’s a couple of options in the box, and the article notes that there will be a separate plastic box with additional options for the Leviathan.

I case you didn’t remember, a ranged version (separate box!) was previewed last month:

This too will come with weapon options in its plastic box. I feel like you could keep a list of the previous resin-only Heresy range, and tick off the models as they come out in plastic over the next couple of years.


2 comments on “Leviathans lumber into view

  1. backtothehammer
    July 23, 2022

    I have to say I don’t buy much 40K but I have a total soft spot for dreads and this will definitely make it into the pile at some point.

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