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The bad thing about goals

Yesterday I wrote about what I saw as the positives of setting gaols. While I think the positive outweigh the negatives, the negatives are still there.

All paint, no play

When you’re focused on one goal, other things can fall away. In some ways it was probably fortunate for me that the bulk of the time spent on my goal coincided with lockdowns and a general inability to go round to clubs or people houses for games. Even once I had the chance again, I tended to ignore this for the chance to do more painting. So there was definitely an aspect of painting models without playing any games with those models. Playing time was the main thing I reduced in order to increase painting time.

Does it bring joy?

feel it is overall a good thing that I reduced impulse buying to almost zero as part of this goal. With that said, there’s a certain joy to buying a new game or army, cracking it open and getting on to the assembling and painting. I cracked and bought the Cursed City boxed set – no regrets there.

Along the way I ignored the Sisters of Battle Box, Blood Bowl second season, Bones V and VI kickstarters, and the Age of Darkness boxed set. I also have no regrets with any of these, mainly because I know that anything of these I bought would remain unpainted today.

It is still worth noting that getting into the new hotness, whatever that is, swiftly becomes the enemy of your goal, and there’s a grim fortitude that comes into play when you build a habit of avoiding these things.

Opportunity cost

The main downside I came across where hobby activities I was incentivised not to do. Learning a new technique? I did this, exploring both Contrast Paints and the underpainting technique. Other aspects, such as airbrushing, I avoided. Not because I wasn’t interested, but because I felt the learning curve was going to interfere with reaching my goal of zero unpainted models.

The same applied to homemade terrain. I have a fair collection of cardboard and polystyrene under the house but haven’t seriously looked at using it since I started to go seriously towards the goal. Why spend time creating new models when I could spend the same hours painting the models I already have?

It wasn’t really a contest, and so one of things I will probably get into this year is the more homemade side of terrain, as my bought terrain is all done now. Hopefully I can get the airbrush out at the same time!

still unused…

Worth it?

I think the downsides are outweighed by the upsides of setting the painting goal and working towards it, but I also think it would be remiss of me not to mention them.


8 comments on “The bad thing about goals

  1. Very well said. In order to reach a goal other things usually suffer. It is up to us to choose what is to suffer and the severity. I applaud you for sticking to your plan as the enemy to you in this venture was the dreaded creature we know as the “Hobby Butterfly”.

    This most baneful creature will bore into your mind allowing you to easily start multiple projects, buy even more, and most of all, ignore your goal. Good on you for slaying this foul beast!

    Now that you’ve reached this goal, maybe your next one could be more gaming time? Not all goals are hard to reach, and you now have a lot of time to okay with those freshly painted models!

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    • davekay
      July 4, 2022

      Playing more SAGA: Age of Magic is high on my list, although that leads into rebasing my Rohan force!

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  2. Lee Handsome
    July 4, 2022

    Hello, are you me six years in the future? Joking aside, I have just set myself the same goal, get all my minis painted. The big difference for me is that I am not actually a gamer, just a painted/shiny new thing hoarder, so the only thing I am missing out on is the dopamine rush of buying shiny new things!

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    • davekay
      July 4, 2022

      My hobby has gradually changed to one of painting over gaming, and I find I’m more relaxed about things as a result.
      I have to admit, the shorthand goal was to get to zero unpainted miniatures, the slightly loner goal was to have no unpainted miniatures I have owned for more than 6 months.
      Of course to get there I needed to paint everything first, otherwise I would never have less than 6 months to go!
      Cutting down the impulse buys was hard, for example of 2018 I painted 177 models and felt good, but then realised I had acquired 175 in the same year, and so barely progressed at all!
      I got serious in 2019, bought just 24 models, and painted over 250. Huge difference and a booster that told me yes, I could do this.


      • Lee Handsome
        July 4, 2022

        I’ve bought one model since I started, and painted 15. I suppose that is a good ratio!

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      • davekay
        July 4, 2022

        That’s good! For most of the progress I gave myself an allowance of one model purchased per 8 painted, which also cut out a lot of the impulse buys. There was no way I could back a Bones Kickstarter, for example!


  3. Faust
    July 7, 2022

    I don’t know how much you play Blood Bowl, but the second season box was a good price overall. That being said…guess which two teams of minis I will probably never get to finishing in the next few years?! By that time, GW will have made more additions to the rules and likely changes the rosters again!! So yea, you’d be better off getting the hardcover rulebook separately (which is a good compilation of the latest rules).

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    • davekay
      July 7, 2022

      It was a good price (still is!) but I ended up doing as you said and just getting the rule book in order to play and avoid getting 30 new models I would probably be painting now. I traded away the models from the Dungeonbowl box for a similar reason

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