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Tray 9 complete

Tray 9 is done with yesterday’s castle walls update. It started like this:

and has been finished like this:

The tray method has worked well for me in terms of dividing my unpainted pile into manageable chunks for my paint brushes to digest.

I am still thinking on what to do next, but I will take some images of the complete collection for sure. According to my tracking spreadsheet I have 2,345 painted figures. Clearly if I buy more in the future it will have to take the count to 3,456!

I established Scent of a Gamer to track my painting projects and that is now done. More posts will be coming though.

5 comments on “Tray 9 complete

  1. Tarmor
    June 25, 2022

    Awesome work. Now just don’t go out and buy too much new stuff!

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  2. Guru PIG
    June 26, 2022

    Tarmor is wrong ……. you cannot by too much stuff!!! great work Dave. looking forward to your next project.

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  3. Faust
    June 28, 2022

    Congrats on persevering! Can’t believe you have 2345 painted minis, way too cool! Do you have plans in place for how you will buy in the future? Like only a trays worth at a time or something?

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    • davekay
      June 28, 2022

      I hope to be more focused in the future and buy things I can expect to paint right away, and finish before I buy anything else

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