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Basing for the game not the army

I enjoyed this new video from Dana Howl about basing miniatures. She started by saying she is now using the same basing for all Kill Team forces, and the same basing for all Rivenstone factions. This is a good way of basing for the game you’re playing.

I was thinking something similar as I painted Fafnir Rann as few days ago. For me it seemed natural to want him fighting in the ruins of the Imperial palace on Earth. Taking that further, if I were to get any more Horus Heresy models (if!) then I would want them on similar bases, fighting over similar terrain.

Also, apparently I should be using basing paste. I have to be honest; I don’t even know what that is. Looks good though.

3 comments on “Basing for the game not the army

  1. spalanz
    June 1, 2022

    This is something that I’ve started to think a lot more about lately!

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  2. Azazel
    June 1, 2022

    I always used the same texture for all my armies in all my games. The only variation was that models for Necromunda or similar games got the dark earth WITHOUT static grass on them, since dark brown ground can be found in an awful lot of places. Due to, frankly, boredom, I’m now using a few more types of bases but still keeping it within limits. I’ve added in desert bases for my Orks and certain of my Space Marines, GW’s industrial bases for Necromunda, related/similar and a few others (including my Iron Warriors) and so forth. I’ve got lots of mats, so I may as well branch out at least a little. I’ll do a dusty Mars-red for my Mechanicus/Mechanicum, but I also avoid going snowy, which is due to snow not being quite as cross-environment as a lot of the others.
    As for texture paste – here ya go:

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    • davekay
      June 1, 2022

      Thanks for the link! For some reason WordPress decided your comment needed to be moderated, I assume the link was the reason.
      I think that except for my early Warhammer armies every force I have done has had different basing, it just never occurred to me to pick the same scheme for the same game – even my Blood Bowl teams!

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