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Plastic Sicarian tank for Heresy

The Sicarian tank is mentioned often in Heresy stories, but until now the only model has been an expensive Forgeworld resin figure. No longer! The conversion of the Forgeworld range to plastic continues with the Sicarian:

As with other vehicles, this one is painted in the colour of the Sons of Horus, but all legions had access to this tank.

In case you were wondering, this is different to the Kratos tank that was previewed earlier:

There’s no side by side images I have seen yet, but the Kratos is considerably bigger – look at the identical side guns on the two models to get an idea of the size difference.

3 comments on “Plastic Sicarian tank for Heresy

  1. Azazel
    May 17, 2022

    I’m sure they’ll both be very reasonably priced *cough*choke*

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    • davekay
      May 17, 2022

      Yes while I would call it the Heresy equivalent of a Predator, I think it will cost a lot more!

      Liked by 2 people

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