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Horus Heresy game reveals

The boxed set contents were confirmed by Games Workshop previously, but there have been many more reveals for Warhammer Fest. You can find full coverage at Warhammer Community, but I wanted to share some highlights here.

The box now has a known image. The contents are as per the previous reveal:

There’s some interesting text in the preview article though: You won’t have long to wait to get your hands on this unbelievably packed boxed set, and while we can’t reveal full details of pricing, we can confirm that the set will cost less than £200 or $300 (US) when it launches.

Even with the inevitable price hike for Australia, it’s looking more affordable than I thought.

The box comes with 40 MkVI marines, but lover of the older armour types are also going to be catered for in the game’s releases. GW have dipped into their older Horus Heresy plastic sets and will be releasing boxes of 20 MkIII and MkIV armour marines.

These boxes of 20 are basically standard tactical marines with bolters, but if you want more there will be boxes of weapons upgrades, including 3 separate boxes of heavy weapons and a box of 60 special weapon options. These weapons are evocative of the original space marine weapons range so I expect they will be popular.

I also wanted to show off this heavy tank image:

The Kratos tank will be grinding across the battlefield, and the preview page includes some rules so you get an idea of why you will want to buy multiples of this model.

Speaking of rules, separate to the box set will be a pair of books to help you build either loyalist or traitor forces:

There’s a fair bit of overlap between the two books, with the main difference being legion-specific rules. In terms of breadth though: The Liber Hereticus contains rules for all nine Traitor Legions, including Rites of War, Primarchs, Legion-specific units and wargear. If you’re of a more Loyalist bent, the Liber Astartes contains the same for the nine Loyalist Legions.

Interesting that there’s Primarchs included. These are currently available in resin from Forgeworld, but perhaps we will see plastic versions in years to come?

I can’t be looking at any of these of course, I have a model collection to finish. But I will need new models to test those Duncan Rhodes paints on…

3 comments on “Horus Heresy game reveals

  1. John@justneedsvarnish
    May 9, 2022

    Now I do not do GW, but that Kratos tank would tempt me! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wudugast
      May 9, 2022

      That tank is a bit good isn’t it? I’m not usually that interested in tanks and having decided that this range probably wasn’t for me the last thing I thought would tempt me to change my mind was a tank but that Kratos is going right ahead and tempting me all the same! 

      Liked by 2 people

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