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Siocast is coming

I’ve heard a few murmurs about this new injection-moulded plastic, but a recent Goobertown Hobbies video has brought me up to speed:

Basically Siocast is a new proprietary, low-cost miniatures making substance. The softer version of the material takes better detail than Bones and it less bendy, but shares Bones’ issues with difficult mould line removal.

The harder version lacks the toxicity of resin and holds detail equivalent to the best 3D printed models – at least for now. It looks ideal, and as per the video above you can paint right onto the material if you want. Right now I would rather lay down my shading and highlights first.

I was interested enough to look up the company website, although I haven’t yet filled out the interest form to see how much one of these machines would cost.

Siocast have no interest in entering the market with their own line of minis, they would rather sell machines to those who do. Depending on the price this could be an interesting change to the industry, as anyone with access to good quality 3D print models and a commercial licence could crank out quality models quickly to people who like the model variety but don’t want to muck about with home printing just yet (my hand is up!).

You can use a 3D print to make a mould master and start producing very quickly. Sounds good to me, but we’ll see how many producers pick up on it.


4 comments on “Siocast is coming

  1. maenoferren22
    April 24, 2022

    I watched the same video and it certainly piqued my interest. I haven’t checked but I reckon a 3D printer might be cheaper.

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    • davekay
      April 24, 2022

      I would expect the machine to cost something in the five figures to buy – and I think you would also want a high quality 3D printer to make mould masters from!

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  2. goresmack
    April 27, 2022

    I’ve worked with many a Siocast minature now, both soft and hard, and while the hard is better they’re both great. I ran into the issues Brent did but found a diamond file and a nylon brush solved the mold lines just fine. They’re a great mid-level mass production alternative to China.


    • goresmack
      April 27, 2022

      And 32 seconds is significantly faster than a 3D printer which is great too.


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