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The million-dollar deck box

The deck box designed by Tolarian Community College has drawn in over $1 million in pledges in its first 24 hours. The early bird special was so popular that people reported the Kickstarter site was crashing under the pressure and many missed out. I have never been a fan of limited ‘early bird’ offers from US project creators, since these are always all gone while I am asleep.

Magic players love their accessories – I know I do – and Tolarian Community College is a popular channel with over 500,000 subscribers that started out doing reviews of Magic accessories – typically card sleeves, binders, and deck boxes. There’s a lot of goodwill evident here, with many happy to buy simply because of who was involved in the design. Here is the million dollar deck box:

If you don’t play Magic: the Gathering you are probably furrowing your brow right about now. Deck boxes exist to let players safely transport their deck of cards, which could have significant value, to and from events. Along with you actual cards you may need space for tokens, dice, and other bits and pieces. Deck boxes are a popular item, and come in many varieties from cheap and cheerful to expensive and serious.

This video shows The professor talking with the designer, a man who turns out to have designed many of the more popular deck boxes on the market today:

Here’s a second video talking specifically around this deck box:

If you’re looking for an accessory, this may suit, but note delivery is not being promised until this time next year, which is a refreshingly honest timeline. Visit the project page for more.

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