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Admiral Yriel is a character from Warhammer 40,000 whose story always appealed to me. He went from a respected general of his Eldar craftworld of Iyanden, to a disgraced outlaw raider, to the saviour of his homeland from the Tyranid menace.

His story was played out in an old board game called Doom of the Eldar, released several decades ago, and not the type of game GW would release these days. To me it seems ripe for a remaster in this age of worker placement strategy games.

Back in the day, a metal model of Yriel was released and I snapped it up – I’ve never had or been likely to have an Eldar army for Warhammer 40,000 but I liked the character and wanted to paint him up. many years later and he’s sitting on the current tray looking like this:

Yriel recently featured on Warhammer Community as part of the new Eldar codex previews where he seems to be considered an independent operator still. What surprised me is the model is the same one as I have:

GW don’t make their models from metal any more, so I assume this is either a repaint of the classic, or else it’s available in GW’s own special resin, which manages to be simultaneous too bendy and too brittle.

One of the reasons my model was never painted is I couldn’t settle on a colour scheme, but I think I will copy the one above when I get to him over the next month or so.

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