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Games Workshop previews

Normally I wake up to Game Workshop’s previews. Due to the time differences they are generally on when I am comfortably asleep. This most recent preview was fairly conveninent for me, starting at 4pm on Friday and running for an hour. Sure, I sometimes had to mute the sound to take a work call, but I was still able to get the gist of what was going on.

The most interest part of the preview was shown the least. Something something Necromunda Ash Wastes.

It’s a game (presumably a new boxed set) coming later this year. There were no model previews or idea of contents, just a cartoon showing a fight outside the hives of Necromunda – involving a raid on an armoured train.

Necromunda has been a popular setting, perhaps more so since its return to the shelves. The outcast gangers box sold out immediately, and good luck finding any Necromunda floor tiles in stock. I expect whatever this set is, it will be popular. It might even be popular with me if they leave the release until after I have finished what I own now. I already have the terrain boards!

A few more models were directly previewed, including a new plastic Phoenix Lord

He’s looking suitably impressive. There was also a new undead character for Age of Sigmar

One day 3d printing quality will catch up to Games Workshop’s plastics, but it is not this day.

Warhammer Community has all the previews, which include a new Eldar Avatar and a Bloodthirster character from Forgeworld.

I noticed some negative comments towards the end of the video, which surprised me but probably shouldn’t have. I am confident that 20 years ago I would have cared deeply, but these days I find Games Workshop’s releases interesting but rarely gripping. Please ignore the boxes and Cursed City and Dungeonbowl in my house!

What that means is I don’t have any expectations that can be dashed. Looking at the comments, I think some people saw the logos of lines that would have previews and assumed something unrealistic, like a whole new Horus Heresy tabletop game, or a brand new army for Warhammer 40,000. Then when these imaginative expectations aren’t met, people get upset.

Image by Magnus D on Flickr

Certainly I feel happier having no particular expectations, and I think this ties in to my general ‘buy less, paint more’ approach to the hobby over the past few years. If Games Workshop release something that appeals, fine. If not, no less, and there’s always another set of releases coming along.

Though it would be nice to see a new Chaos Dwarf team for Blood Bowl.

9 comments on “Games Workshop previews

  1. Wudugast
    January 29, 2022

    Sadly I think there are a lot of people out there whose hobby is complaining about Games Workshop. I’m not saying GW are above reproach (hell, I reproach them all the time!) but there’s definitely a section of the “fanbase” for whom nothing they ever do will be good enough. It doesn’t bother me on GW’s behalf – they’re big enough and ugly enough to look after themselves – but I do wonder what these people are getting out of it.

    As for the previews, some interesting stuff there although I must admit the things I’m most curious about are the things we saw least of. I quite like the ghosts with crossbows, and I’m very curious about the Necromunda expansion (because let’s be honest, GW could say “we’re coming round to slap you in the face, it’s for Necromunda” and I’d reply “Oh go on then, you had me at Necromunda”). The Eldar Corsairs have me very curious as well, but again we only saw one of those models. At least per GW’s Kill Team schedule we should see them released in the next couple of months so something to look forward to there. Of course in a perfect world they would have announced something about Cursed City expansions, more Warcry, Chaos Dwarves for Blood Bowl, a price drop and someone to help me with all that painting but we can’t have it all!

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    • davekay
      January 29, 2022

      Agree on both counts. I am sure that some time around 1997-2002 I cared passionately about GW’s release schedule and whether or not certain things would come out. These days, and especially in the age of 3D printing, I might get excited about what does get announced, but I never get angry about what doesn’t.

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  2. deturnation
    January 30, 2022

    First let me complain about GW, because I like to do it as someone who also started round about 2000.
    I’ve seen images of the Necromunda-expansion. They looked very much unique – in unique I have to say copied from the game Kenshi with a similar name and vibe, which actually did a good job.
    The new eldar stuff is nice and all, but I actually think Heroes Infinite did a better job for the exact same sculpts on top of it. Though I have to admit, I hate how their new “High Elf”-range is copying the boring ideas of the Lumineth Elves eg. silly heads, the exact same bows – this is just lazy and wouldn’t have been a bad thing to be a bit more creative about those.

    The scribe is actually a great model. Unfortunately as you stated GW isn’t a well of creativity these days ( never have been, but they’ve been stellar at adapting Lovecraft, Elric, Tolkien and so forth and I really enjoyed their takes on it). And unfortunately most 3d-printing releases tend to do a better job design-wise, than what they are doing nowadays. The last model that I actually enjoyed was the new version of Kroak.

    That said, you’re completely right, why are people still getting angry about those releases? GW has way bigger problems than the only thing they can do half-well (releasing miniatures). If I wouldn’t just enjoy collecting miniatures, I wouldn’t bother with the company at all, but some designs are still nice.

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    • davekay
      January 30, 2022

      Yes, I now view interesting releases from GW as a bonus, and don’t worry myself about what they are not doing, since there’s so many 3D print sculpts out there to enjoy too.


  3. Kuribo
    January 30, 2022

    Its exciting to see new Eldar sculpts though I do wish they’d stop the weird, overly acrobatic poses like Maugan Ra has. Apparently, they’re doing gymnastics on the battlefield 🙂

    I agree with you that a lot of the complaining is silly. GW releases more high quality minis than any other company and nobody can keep up with their volume if they actually tried to paint every new thing that GW released in a year so I don’t know what more they can do to keep some people happy. I think you have the right mentality with all of this, Dave and that is how I tend to view it too.

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    • davekay
      January 30, 2022

      I guess they want to represent the fast moving eldar somehow. To me these characters always look as though they are posing in front of a giant fan.

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      • Kuribo
        January 31, 2022

        Haha, I would have to agree with that assessment! It is comedic when you think about it!

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  4. Osric
    February 1, 2022

    Ash Wastes looks interesting, if only because I enjoyed it the first time round in the Citadel Journal and loved Gorkamorka too. I buy what I like and ignore what I don’t from GW (although some of their practices wind me up more than others, but that’s just a corporate thing not limited to them). I think that a lot who complain the most don’t have any other outlet i.e. they are Warhammerers rather than wargamers/painters, discovering and trying new games only when GW disappoints them and as a form of revenge rather than discovery.

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    • davekay
      February 1, 2022

      Good point, I started my hobby with GW and I think I enjoyed it more once I started incorporating other ranges and games into what I was doing.

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