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Dungeonbowl team review: Heavens

The College of Heavens has the the fewest available players of any college. It is listed last in the Dungeonbowl book and feels like an afterthought. If you own a Lizardmen Blood Bowl team though, you will be looking at this roster regardless.

Complete teams: none

Mostly complete: Lizardmen

Also present: Human thrower, Imperial Noble blitzer

Spell: Chain Lightning could work great in the dungeon, given the right set of circumstances. However these circumstances are unlikely to come about in a Dungeonbowl game.

Player options: 5

Strengths: This team is based around the Lizardmen roster, which is hardly weak.

Weaknesses: The College of Heavens has a high minimum player cost in the skinks, and not much to offer in terms of variety.

Overall: The narrowest roster results in the least flexible team in Dungeonbowl. If you are an experienced Lizardmen player this roster will work for you, otherwise there is nothing on offer here.


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