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Dungeonbowl team review: Beasts

The College of Beasts is where you will find most of the big guys from various Blood Bowl teams. The end result is a Chaos Chosen team with different big guy options.

Complete teams: none

Mostly complete: Chaos Chosen

Also present: pestigor, werewolf, rat ogre, kroxigor, khorngor, bloodspawn

Spell: Bestial Fury is great when you come up against high strength opponents, or just slippery players you really want to take down.

Player options: 9

Strengths: Did you ever wish your Chaos Chosen team only had to pay 50,000gp for their re-rolls? You can live the dream with this College of Beasts team. The additional options present in the roster provide some welcome additions to the Chaos Chosen core.

Weaknesses: The College of Beasts has a high minimum player cost compared with other colleges, making it difficult to access your more expensive big guy options.

Overall: The College of Beasts provides a sturdy team which can get truly terrifying as it develops.

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