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Dungeonbowl team review: Life

The College of Life provides a broad and deep roster, with the most player options of any college along with a variety in the types of player available to their coach.

Complete teams: Halfling, Wood Elf

Mostly complete: Nurgle, Snotling

Also present: none

Spell: Your spell lets you immobilise a player on your opponent’s team at a key moment, to either save the game by stopping the ball carrier from scoring, or else ending the game by allowing your ball carrier to get past a key blocker.

Player options: 16

Strengths: The roster provides a good mix of strength, agility, and movement. Cheap Snotlings can fill the gaps while you spend on the more skilled and expensive roster options.

Weaknesses: The main weakness is if players run too many snotlings and lose their skilled players early to a bashing team.

Overall: The College of Life is probably the strongest roster in the game.

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