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Dungeonbowl team review: Death

The College of Death consists of the two undead teams from Blood Bowl. In this roster you will find the entire Shambling Undead list along with most of the Necromantic Undead roster.

Complete teams: Shambling Undead

Mostly complete: Necromantic Undead (roster complete except for Werewolf)

Also present: None

Spell: Drain Life gives you a free injury roll against an opposing player, but given your roster there shouldn’t be too many occasions where you would need this spell; your team can deal with almost any threat.

Player options: 7

Strengths: You have a good mix of speed and strength, and cheap zombies and skeletons let you spend your coin on more expensive players and still have 11 players to start with. Stand Firm is a great skill in the dungeon and your roster has Flesh Golems.

Weaknesses: You are lacking for hgh AG players and so in tight dungeons you will need to bash your way through, making clever positioning of those slower Flesh Golems and Mummies a priority.

Overall: The College of Death is one of the stronger rosters for Dungeonbowl, with a bit of everything needed to get going and players who will become highly effective with a skill boost or two.

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