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Dungeonbowl team review: Light

The College of Light provides you with a complete Elven Union roster with some additional human options. For coaches who already have an Elven Union Blood Bowl team, this college is an obvious choice.

Complete teams: Elven Union

Mostly complete: none

Also present: Imperial Nobility lineman and thrower, Human catcher

Spell: Blinding Light may be the most powerful spell of any college as it stops your opponent from passing or even from assisting in blocks for a round – your turn and theirs.

Player options: 7

Strengths: You have a skilled and mobile team that specialising in moving quickly through the dungeon.

Weaknesses: ST3 is your starting maximum, which means you will often be at a disadvantage during blocks in narrow corridors and crowded dungeon rooms. Use your speed, skills, and spell to end the game quickly because you won’t win the grind.

Overall: Light is a high-risk team, perfect for coaches who want to exploit the rapid win options this team can provide.

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