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Dungeonbowl team review: Fire

The College of Fire provides an interesting mix of Dwarfs and Ogres to produce a team that can pack a punch, but won’t be the fastest in the dungeon.

Complete Blood Bowl teams: Ogres, although the Ogres are 0-3 rather than 0-6

Mostly complete: Dwarfs, the roster is complete except for the Deathroller, which is absent from this game.

Also there: Khorne Bloodborn Marauders

Spell: Fireball is a useful spell for knocking down the enemy tem team should they ever gather in numbers around the the ball carrier.

Player options: 8

Strengths: Dwarfs players give you a good number of skills, and Tackle is always useful in tight dungeon spaces. Ogres provide the punch, while Gnoblars are a cheap filler team member which keep your numbers up in a pinch.

Weaknesses: In some dungeons the opposing teams will be able to run around your slower players and make off with the game.

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