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Taking Blood Bowl teams into Dungeonbowl

Players of Blood Bowl looking to transfer their teams across to play Dungeonbowl may find the process easy, tricky, or impossible depending on their team.

Not all Blood Bowl teams are treated equally in Dungeonbowl. Some have come over entire and are represented in a single college. Other teams are mostly represented in a single college, with maybe a model or two in different colleges. A few teams are mostly absent, or else scattered across multiple colleges.

This article looks at the teams from the Blood Bowl Season 2 rulebook, along with the Khorne team, to see what has become of them in Dungeonbowl. These teams have been broken down and placed into one of the 8 Dungeonbowl teams. I have sorted the teams into three categories to clarify what has happened to them.

  1. Complete: These teams have come over to Dungeonbowl intact and are represented in a single college.
  2. Mostly complete: The bulk of the team is represented in a single college but teams may have a few models missing or in another college.
  3. Scattered: these teams fared badly and are split across 3 or more colleges, or else have the majority of their roster missing.

Complete teams

Dark Elf (Shadow)

Elven Union (Light)

Halfling (Life)

Ogres (Fire) – note the roster is complete but Ogres are 0-3.

Shambling Undead (Death)

Wood Elf (Life) – technically it’s the halfling team Treeman in this roster but there’s no functional difference except your Treeman now has the Timmm-ber skill.

Mostly complete teams

Black Orc (Metal) except for the troll

Chaos Chosen (Beasts), except for the Ogre and Troll

Dwarfs (Fire) – the Deathroller is missing but otherwise the complete roster is in this college.

Lizardmen – most of the roster is in Heavens, with the kroxigor in Beasts

Necromantic Undead – the main roster is in Death, with the werewolf in Beasts.

Nurgle – the roster is mainly in Life with the pestigor in Beasts

Orc (Metal) – the roster is in Metal but lacks goblins or trolls.

Skaven – the bulk of the roster is in Shadow, with the rat ogre in Beasts.

Snotlings (Life) – the pump wagons are missing but otherwise the roster is present in this college.

Scattered teams

Goblins – only the basic goblin remains in Shadow, the rest of the roster is absent

Human – this team has been split across multiple colleges – Metal, Light, Heavens, Fire (ogre), and Life (halfling hopefuls)

Imperial Noble – this team has been split across multiple colleges – Metal, Light, Heavens, Fire (ogre)

Khorne – this team has been split across multiple colleges – Fire, Metal, Beasts

Absent teams

The ‘alliance’ teams with their animosity rules are gone from this game. Also the Teams of Legend supplement teams aren’t present in Dungeonbowl either, in a blow to anyone still playing those teams.

3 comments on “Taking Blood Bowl teams into Dungeonbowl

  1. Azazel
    January 6, 2022

    I haven’t read the DB rules – would it work in friendly games/leagues to just ignore the …eclectic college of magic based team rules and just run your regular team(s) or is there some other weird rule (1 weird trick!) that would prevent that? I’m not excited by the idea of painting new teams specifcially for DB or having BB models aside just for specific DB teams
    And any mention of the Chaos Dwarves? or is that Teams of Legend? And again – anything stopping them from being used outside of a GW/store league, etc?

    Liked by 1 person

    • davekay
      January 7, 2022

      I think taking base Blood Bowl teams instead of the colleges would work fine, myself. Arguably it would work better.

      Teams of Legend is those teams that didn’t make it into the official line up – Norse, Chaos Dwarfs, Vampire, Khemri, High Elves

      Liked by 1 person

  2. daggerandbrush
    January 12, 2022

    Call me intrigued. That looks like a decent base for a a classic Dungeon Crawl, too. However, why not play games underground. Definitily a novel concept.


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