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Looking ahead to 2022

You will (I hope!) be happy to know that Scent of a Gamer will continue in 2022. I shared my overall thoughts on the blog’s 2021 performance yesterday and today I want to look ahead to the coming year. I like to spend the last few months of a year planning the kind of blog content I want to have over the coming year, so I have a few things to share here.

Lavinia Soulsinger by Cynthia Sheppard

I am not planning any radical changes to the focus areas of the site. The Explore Fantasy Art and Arta Monday series will continue. My week-end painting updates will also continue for as long as that lasts. I am down to fewer than 100 models left, and I don’t want to jinx it by making ‘what comes next’ plans there! You can look forward to more painting updates at least for the first half of 2022.

I will still be in the miniatures hobby after that goal is met, but some things will change, for sure.

More writing, maybe?

One aspect of looking over the 2021 stats that struck me was how far the average word count per article had fallen between 2020 and 2021. While I like brevity, I wonder if there’s not a sweet spot that is higher than 2021’s average count.

I do plan to share more articles here, definitely a series of tips from painting through my collection (don’t jinx it!!), along with some content for Dungeonbowl that will start up this month.

I will be receiving my new set of acrylic paints from the Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy Kickstarter and I will be sure to put down the Contrast Paints long enough to give those a thorough use and talk about my experiences with them.

More blogging, definitely!

I have found it useful to have some planning for the blog, because plans can change and that’s no big deal. I find it easier to change when I have a plan than when I don’t. I think all of the above will happen, but there could be plenty of unforeseen content this year too!

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