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The blog in 2021

2021 was the second year in this blog’s history that overall views were lower than the year before:

But I don’t consider this to be bad news as such. The number of visitors was up (slightly) on last year, and the level of engagement was steady to increasing. So what happened with the views?

This was predictable to an extent. The blog experienced a definite ‘covid bump’ in 2020 that petered out after the first three months of 2021 as people spent less time sitting around the house with an itchy mouse hand.

Also affecting these stats was the simple fact that I published fewer articles in 2021. After picking up the pace in 2020, I found it hard to keep up and ultimately chose to slow the pace of updates in the second half of 2021.

That’s 314 articles published this year compared with 354 in 2020. I also seem to be mastering the art of brevity, as words per post crashed to an all-time low in 2021. Perhaps a side-effect of this brevity is that while I had more visitors, each person viewed fewer articles? Something to ponder.

Engagement tells a different story than views. Over the years I have (slowly) come to realise that engagement is more valuable than views, and I have some to focus more on likes and comments as a substantive measure of the blog’s success. The number of views isn’t nothing, but it isn’t everything, either.

Comments per post were slightly down, while likes per post was slightly up. The most liked and commented posts of the year were both posts I published in January. The post with the most comments was me talking about maybe getting a 3D printer (I still haven’t), while the post from 2021 with the most liked was the art article on Ian Miller.

I consider maintaining the same level of engagement as I had last year to be a good sign. The type of articles being viewed the most overall didn’t change much from 2020:

Just two articles newly published in 2021 made the top 20 most viewed – but this situation was the same in 2020 as well. The classic game walkthroughs continue to be popular, though the November experiment demonstrated that people are more likely to find them when the blog is being updated regularly. The Cused City article above was simply me talking about something that happened to a Games Workshop product. I made no efforts to promote this article, but clearly people were searching for this kind of content at the time.

Overall I find myself happy with the blog’s performance in 2021. With the clock now reset for 2022 I look forward to another fun year of blogging ahead!

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