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Classic Talisman toad

“You are now a slimy, little toad.” So reads the text on the card every classic Talisman player dreaded to read. Get turned into a toad, and you lost all your followers, and you items would sit in a next little pile on the board while every other player raced to get them.

This is another miniature I don’t remember acquiring, but I found him as my boxes of unpainted models got emptier. I have taken these images prior to basing, since I am going to use a lot of marsh tufts that will obscure the model and make it harder to get an image.

I found out that this is just one of a number of toad models produced for the game, so what we have here is a toad ranger. Here’s an image of the toad next to another Talisman character so you can see the relative size better;

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