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Dungeonbowl team rosters revealed

I hope you didn’t get too carried away with the first release of the team rosters for Dungeonbowl. Those first guides may have given the impression you could take any figures from the names teams. Not so, as demonstrated by the image below.

Here we can see that the College of death roster is the Shambling Undead team with some extras from the necromantic undead roster, but it’s not a true mix of each team. Similarly the College of Beasts roster is a complete Chaos Chosen roster (strange choice, IMO) with add-ins from Necromantic Undead, Khorne, Nurgle, Skaven, and Lizardmen.

There are 8 Colleges of Magic and far more Blood Bowl teams than that, so we will doubtless find out next week which teams are present in a roster in their entirety, and which are scattered across several rosters but without a home roster of their own.

Warhammer Community has more info, including special rules for some dungeon tiles.


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