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Explore fantasy art: Livia Prima

Livia Prima produces some great character portraits, but can still create great scenes as well. What follows here is a selection from the choices available at her ArtStation page.

Mother of Runes by Livia Prima

This art was made for a special release of this Magic card, available only for a short time. I love the colours on this one, in great contrast to many Magic cards which end up saturated with whatever Magic colour the card is from. Blue cards look blue, red cards look red, and so on. Mother of Runes is a white card, but you wouldn’t know it from this art.

A woodland gathering ceremony by Livia Prima

This scene shows a party of elves preparing a feast for themselves.

Destiny Spinner by Livia Prima

Another colourful Magic: the Gathering card. This is a green card, but the colour of the outfit suits the character so well I don’t mind the colour coding.

drow ranger by Livia Prima

Another great character, this one a dark elf ranger from Dungeons & Dragons.

Vapor by Livia Prima

This piece is a personal work by the artist rather than the result of a commercial arrangement. I really like the colour of the flowers here.

You can see more at Livia Prima’s ArtStation page.

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