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Hard plastic miniatures for D&D

The Nolzur’s range of miniatures for Dungeons & Dragons has been a very popular range of pre undercoated plastic figures. My favourite substance to work with has long been hard plastic, so it was nice to see preview kits for a range of hard plastic D&D miniatures being circulated ahead of release.

Each of the kits comes with a player character, and a number of head, weapon, and accessory options. Definitely looks good for someone who plays RPGs and also likes painting miniatures. As Brent points out in the video though, this seems to be a small demographic, judging from the absence of YouTube channels devoted to that niche.

3 comments on “Hard plastic miniatures for D&D

  1. Azazel
    November 20, 2021

    I think there’s are actually a fair few people in that bracket, given that Reaper has pretty much built 90% of their business on them – (not to mention the big names of yore like Ral Partha, etc – but the “level” of painting is different to “miniatures gamers”. Closer to boardgamers who paint their minis.

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    • davekay
      November 20, 2021

      It’s interesting there are many different YouTube channels for minis but none that really focus on that area.

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      • Azazel
        November 24, 2021

        There are a few who touch on it, like Black Magic Craft and the 3d printing GM (or similar), but I imagine that dedicated minis gamers, and particularly GW-centric gamers bring a lot more views (which in turn equals revenue) than D&D players who want to paint a few orcs. Actually, it seems like it’s much more the GMs who tend to paint all the monsters. Players may or may not even own their own PC models.

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