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Dungeonbowl for Christmas?

Following on from the recent official announcement, a leaked page of a Christmas catalogue in North America shows that Dungeonbowl should be available for Christmas 2021 buyers.

The listed price puts it slightly above the Blood Bowl Second Season boxed set, which comes with rules, board, and 30 miniatures including 2 star players. The contents here seem lower, but then I thought the previous Blood Bowl box set was excellent value compared ot Games Workshop’s usual offerings, and this reinforces that opinion. Here is a lower resolution image showing the pricing for European countries.

Still, I expect I will pick this box up, and see how well the both the recent Cursed City tiles and the classic Warhammer Quest board mix in with the ones provided here.

3 comments on “Dungeonbowl for Christmas?

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  2. backtothehammer
    November 14, 2021

    I did order deathzone and the 7’s pitch on Friday in preparation for this release (having sat on the fence, let’s be honest I’ll probably get it as let’s be honest I’ve picked up every BB box from 2nd Ed). I’ll need to check the 7’s rules but I’m very tempted to run a mini 7’s league that will incorporate dungeonbowl.

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