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Painting board game miniatures with Dana Howl

I know plenty of gamers who get very enthusiastic about board game Kickstarters the the miniatures they come with. HOwever those people get less enthusiastic when it comes to painting those figures.

In this (sponsored) video, Dana takes you through the process of painting miniatures quickly using a selection of Contrast Paints.

She uses an interesting ‘warm to cool’ painting method, starting with yellow, and working across the spectrum to end with purple. There’s a bit of paint mixing involved, but overall this guide is simple to follow and applicable to a number of ranges. It reminds me of the Midwinter series on painting Blackstone Fortress models.

3 comments on “Painting board game miniatures with Dana Howl

  1. backtothehammer
    November 9, 2021

    The more you post her videos, the more I’m enjoying them. I’ve even gone as far to now subscribe to her channel 😁

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