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A grammar snob job

Games Workshop have advertised for an annoying person who is always pointing out what’s wrong with the way rules are written, instead of just getting on with the game.

Or, as they preferred to put it:

Are you ‘that person’ – the one who can spot an incorrect stat or misleading comma in a rule at 50 paces, the one in your gaming group others always turn to when they have a particularly vexing rules situation no D6 roll is ever going to resolve?

So if you are someone who find it easy to spot and correct grammar faults, factual errors and inconsistencies in others’ writing – a copy editor, in other words – then Games Workshop currently have an opening which is relevant to your interests. In terms of factual errors you would need to be across their background in order to correct lore inconsistencies too.

The job is based at the GW headquarters in Nottingham, so bear that one in mind.

If you’re interested, check out the job posting.

2 comments on “A grammar snob job

  1. ericritter65
    November 7, 2021

    Right off the bat, they have a grammatical error in their posting. It should read Games Workshop has, not have, an opening…. Besides their overly complicated and burdensome rule sets, they really do need someone who reads and writes English on staff!
    Thanks for the chuckle!

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