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Dungeonbowl is coming back… shortly. The game was previewed over the week-end, and the usual gap between a boxed game preview and its release seems to hang around the 3 months mark. So early 2022 is my guesstimate at this stage.

The new game looks more prepared than the previous release. While there was a Dungeonbowl boxed game before, that was released alongside second edition Blood Bowl. For 3rd edition Blood Bowl we got a White Dwarf article, some cut-out counters, and instructions to use your Warhammer Quest boards as the game board. That was fine for people like me who owned both, for others, that made the game feel a little expensive.

This new edition is sold as a standalone game with its own rule book, so this is the first Dungeonbowl boxed release since (checks notes) 1989. So a fair while.

Here’s the contents, and I note this time the dungeon tiles are all included – I think this means I will be likely to use Dungeonbowl tiles in games of Warhammer Quest!

Looks like a self-contained game, and it’s nice to see miniatures for the magic portals and treasure chests, rather than the old counters form the White dwarf issue. I have them around here somewhere…

You can see mor,e including close ups of the two teams, over at Warhammer Community.

3 comments on “Dungeonbowl!

  1. backtothehammer
    November 6, 2021

    I wonder if the rules will be sold separately. The rest I can put together myself. I also wonder if they’ll give rules for same race teams and make it compatible with the 7’s rules in the core book?

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    • davekay
      November 6, 2021

      All interesting questions! I bought the BB2020 book separately so it would be nice to have a separate Dungeonbowl option – from the mock up, the books look to be a similar size, suggesting we’ll have a set of team lists in there too.

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      • backtothehammer
        November 6, 2021

        To be fair, I somehow suspect it wouldn’t be hard to adapt 7’s to work in dungeonbowl

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