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Bronze to Mythic

I don’t talk about Magic Arena much these days. I was part of the closed and open betas, and there is a launch review of the game somewhere on this blog if you care to look.

These days I would say Arena is something that launched with a lot of promise, which has sadly devolved into a rather toxic piece of software concerned mainly with extracting ever more money for ever decreasing product. I quit the game over a year ago now and nothing I have seen since has made me regret that decision.

However I have found myself watching and enjoying a series by Jim Davis called Bronze to Mythic.

The central thesis of this series is that with each Standard set release, Jim takes an account from Bronze (the lowest ladder rank) to Mythic (the highest rank). Each set he starts again on the journey, and each episode posted covers a single draft in the format, covering the draft and each game played with the final deck.

Here’s the first episode in the Innistrad: Midnight Hunt series. It’s also the first series to feature his spiffy new theme song.

I’m watching this not because I want to draft on Arena, but because I find the series and its presenter entertaining. As entertaining as this series is, it won’t entice me back to that platform, so I consider it safe to watch.



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