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Million dollar Duncan

The Duncan Rhodes paints line Kickstarter has just finished, raising well over a million dollars from over 7,500 backers.

I am one of those backers, but I was surprised by how many other hobbyists seemed to be looking for a new line of paints to play with. I think Duncan’s profile in the industry played a huge part in this project’s success. Most backers went for the 60 paints pledge level, where you can get one of each paint on offer, or else choose the specific colours you would like.

A number of stretch goals were announced, including the paints now shipping in their own carry box complete with foam insert. Weirdly paint storage has been an ongoing issue for me, as it gets too hot here in summer to just leave them out, but I am short on boxes high enough for me to put my dropper bottles in while also leaving them upright.

So far the project organisers are sticking to their January 2022 shipping timeline. We’ll see how that goes, as often success can be a stick though the wheel of managing these projects, as increased volumes can bring increased complexity.

3 comments on “Million dollar Duncan

  1. imperialrebelork
    October 3, 2021

    Rhodes for President/Prime minister I say. I’m not surprised this Kickstarter did so well. I’ll be keen to see what you think of the paints.

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