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Cathay in the Old World

Following the trailer for their inclusion in the third Warhammer Total War game comes confirmation that the faction was designed by Games Workshop. Some people has wondered whether Creative Assembly has simply added the faction to the game with GW’s blessing, but no. It seems the studio designed an 8th edition-style Cathay army specifically for inclusion in this game.

The article on Warhammer Community has more details, including concept art for some of the units. I noticed the Old World logo sitting across the concept art. I think there’s a high probability that we’ll see these Cathay models at some point in the future, when the Old World tabletop game launches.

2 comments on “Cathay in the Old World

  1. backtothehammer
    September 25, 2021

    I’ve really enjoyed seeing about Cathay. It seems to have divided opinion but it seems a great way to draw in older players with the chance to get a new faction and in an area I know a lot of us had wished they’d expanded into. For me it’s almost the new lore that has me more excited than the potential minis.

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    • davekay
      September 25, 2021

      I know what you mean, I’m not sure whether I will buy any minis but the background will be interesting

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