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Two Thin Coats Kickstarter

Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy has a Kickstarter up, for their own forthcoming range of 60 paints:

The starting range consists of 54 paints and 6 washes, organised into groups of 3 paints, so that you get a deep, mid, and light tone for whatever you are trying to do.

For anyone wanting to jump in early, there is an early bird discount on the full set of 60 paints. The early bird period lasts for 72 hours (58 as this post goes up). I like the length of this early bird, since time differences mean that I miss out on first hour, or first 200 backer type early birds that other projects offer.

The Kickstarter has been popular already, and so I wonder if the January 22 date will be met, but if you were planning to reboot your collection of paints, or have been thinking of moving from pots to dropper bottles, this projects is a good opportunity to do so.

Check out the project page, which has more details, including stretch goals.

One comment on “Two Thin Coats Kickstarter

  1. Bookstooge
    September 9, 2021

    Phhhft, markers dude. Markers are the new paints of the millennium! This Duncan fellow is just trying to offload his extra stuff on you. Don’t fall for it….

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