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The Red Templars today

The great battle of our time

The Cicatrix Maledictum affected the Elysium sector as much as the rest of the Imperium. The Red Templars fought dozens of engagements against daemons and their mortal allies. As the battles died down, fully a third of the chapter had been lost, but it was counted as a victory. Every shrine world had been protected, and travel lanes between planets remains open. Compared with other sectors, this was a win.

The Red Templars were quick to accept the both return of Roboute Gulliman and the addition of Primaris Marines to their ranks. Many Red Templars crossed the rubicon primaris, although Chapter Master Bomvuk died in the process. The Red Templars are now led by Chapter Master Ulaanis.


The Red Templars are commander by their Chapter Master, who is in turn advised by the Loyal Circle. This is a group of 9 marines chosen by the Chapter Master. Any Astartes of the chapter can serve in the Loyal Circle, regardless of rank or length of service.

Companies of the Red Templars operate mainly according to the Codex Astartes. Today, the second, third, fifth, and sixth companies are entirely comprised of primaris. The first company has always been under strength, as to be accepted into the veterans of the Red Templars, an Astartes must have first completed three hundred and thirty-three years of service. Although wealthy, the Red Templars have never owned suits of tactical dreadnought armour, and so many in the first company have crossed the rubicon.

The fourth company undertakes the bulk of the chapter’s role in guarding the pilgrim routes both on and between the shrine worlds. This company makes particular use of bikes to travel quickly along routes to any source of trouble.

The ninth company guards Knight’s Rock and astartes from this company frequently supervise the chapter’s diggings on worlds across the sector.


The Red Templars are at once showy and secretive by the standards of Astartes chapters. They are seen frequently in the Elysium sector and yet their motives and internal command structure remain opaque. The planets of He Protects, His Light, All Serve Him, Anton’s Landing, and Biome XCIX are under the direct rule of the chapter.

The chapters’ influence in the sector as well as outright rule over planets has been scrutinised on several occasions, but nothing untoward has ever been found. The Red Templars are a valued presence in the system, though the banned tome ‘My suspicion of the Red’ is circulated among collectors. The tome was written by Urgelzeen, a planetary historian who became alarmed by the coincidental presence of the Red Templars during a number of political events on Anton’s Landing. The sequel remains unpublished after Urgelzeen tragically stabbed himself seventeen times in a dark corner of the planetary archives.


The Red Templars can be counted on as staunch allies of the returned Primarch. They serve in the deathwatch, protect the planets under their domain and fight the Emperor’s foes with merciless tenacity.

But they are seeking something on the worlds of the Elysium sector.


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