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I believe this is the first new Imperial Guard plastic regiment since the 1990s. We have previously had Catachans and Cadians in plastic, the others have been metal or Forgeworld Resin. Maybe I’m forgetting one?

The Death Korps of Krieg have been a popular regiment from the lore, popular enough that Foreworld made them in resin.

At the weekend we got a preview of a new plastic set of 10 Death Korps veterans.

They look good to me. This first set comes in a Kill Team box with a bunch of Orks and orky terrain. Right now I am too damn close to finishing off my miniatures collection (150 to go!) to be tempted by new models… but these look great to me. Should they see a separate release I will probably pick some up… in due course.

You can see closer images of the Death Korps figures and others from the forthcoming release at Warhammer Community.


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